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Seventy Years Ago Today: Utah Beach, Normandy

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Hugh Nibley [off the record]

Photo of American soldiers onboard a ship approaching the coast of Normandy. American soldiers wait onboard their ship as they approach the coast of Normandy, June 6, 1944. Photo: National Archive

There was a big French battleship blazing away right next to us, and the Germans zeroed in on us with their 88s as we put the rope over the side and started to swarm down into the landing craft. As soon as I got down the rope ladder, the very spot where I should have been waiting on the ship was hit by an 88, and half a dozen tankmen were blown up. The chaplain I had been talking to was wounded. 

The landing craft went in as far as it could, and then there were still a couple of hundred yards – quite a way to go yet. I climbed in the Jeep and revved her up. I had packed it with sandbags so we could get some hold on…

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Author: Leksana TH (www.sscleadership.com)

I believe that an organization is a network of conversations. Through a meaningful and artful conversation, a leader can shift his/her entire organization to produce a creative response and hence achieving an extraordinary business result. Throughout my career as a petroleum engineer, strategic consultant and later a senior executive in a global life insurer, I have found my passion as a facilitator in change and transformational works. Through my engagements in organizational change and leadership facilitations, I came across many organizations that were stuck in their growth potential. I often witnessed how leaders that once brought success to their organizations had become liabilities for their expansions. It was obvious that a disempowering mindset and noncontinuous learning have become the most obstacles for leaders to create new possibilities for change. Starting in the early 2000s, I delved deeper into my own understanding about what made a human being outstanding and what could be the game changer for an organization to sustain its growth even more. I begun to learn and understand different aspects of approaches that have allowed me to deliver fantastic facilitations with more impactful results. My approach in transformational facilitation stems from understanding how the energy of a leader stuck, discover their inner challenges, build a new neuropathway to make leaders respond from their wisdom, spark their creative mind, and make them committed to take new actions. By applying various approaches ranging from NLP, psychocybernetic, metaphysic, gestalt therapy, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, ontology coaching and hundreds of resources from the world's best guru, I have been able to co-create my own unique signature in many facilitation works. The feedback from my clients have been consistent around my ability to create a safe space of learning, Inspiring sessions in shifting mindset, and down–to–earth facilitation process. Through executive coaching, leadership development and organization transformation, I have been fortunate to witnessing many happy endings of life, career and organization change that in the leaders' mind was impossible before. I feel very grateful to live here in Singapore with my wife and four children. They are my energy and source of my inspirations. I enjoy morning practice of meditation, ChiLei and jogging. I like to watch the beauty of nature, listening to gamelan and classical music, traveling with my family, cooking, group cycling, and reading biography/history. If you believe that a leader could make a difference to many and you would like to find out how we could do it together, let us have the conversation. email: leksanath@hotmail.com whatsapp: +62.81212557296

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