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The root of a robust and sustainable performance of an organisation lies in how its leaders balance the expression of their care and concerns throughout their actions in leading the life of an organisation.

A leader that expresses too much concerns and displays little care through his leadership conversations will likely generate repercussions like lethargic mood, distrust, low morale or even resentment in his entire organisation.A leader sets the tone of an organisation’s culture and contributes to the vibrancy of his organisation.  You can feel how a leader has built his organisation culture by his presence and sensing the mood of his people after having a typical daily conversation with him.

As Marshall Goldsmith pronounced in his masterpiece “what got you here won’t get you there”. He highlights that a leader with too strong an urge to tell his people about what is right, has unintentionally created a culture of dissociation and has strongly conveyed an “I’m the boss” kind of attitude. Amazingly, many leaders have been living in this blindspot without being aware of it. Some are even proud of their acumen to “show the right direction”.

So when the people in his organisation are slow to respond and good people leave the organisation, very few rising stars can be picked as the next leaders (external leaders have to always be recruited), bottom up ideas almost unheard of and errors and patterns of similar problems persist. All these are symptoms for living in the blind spot of transparency for far too long.How do you deal with this if you are the leader? For sure, you will be compelled to seek advice from a professional.

You will likely to hear some inputs encompassing initiatives such as reorganisation, process review, aligning HR system and so on.  These are all good opinions with good intentions. However, how many of them will effectively address the heart of the matter ?To have a true revealing discussion that is fruitful and generating the most viable outcomes, we should start with a candid conversation that exudes a mood of openness, candor and flexibility.

As Ram Charan said in his book “Execution”, “the task of a leader is to have a conversation that is based on the reality of what has happened in the field and how a leader has contributed to a circumstance he dealt with”. To have this kind of conversation, one should have strong confidence and courage that is based on the capacity to coach someone in the calibre of a CEO. Questions that challenge the status quo, shift perspectives, and side the curtain of conversation to be avoided are parts of the scenario.Some organisations resort to internal resource for having a belief that they know more about themselves.

It will be a very difficult task, if not impossible, for someone living in the organisation to be tasked with starting or facilitating this conversation with the leader. The aura of historical discourse and cultural relationship can be a great impediment for the revelation. An independent and seasoned facilitator with deep cultural understanding and capabilities to ask powerful questions is a good choice to cradle the conversation of possibilities.

Solving problems and reacting to a challenge often could unintentionally lead to the creation of more problems.  This is true when we do not or can not address the real issues that has created the problems or challenges in the first place: how the top leader thinks and responds.


Author: Leksana TH (www.sscleadership.com)

I believe that an organization is a network of conversations. Through a meaningful and artful conversation, a leader can shift his/her entire organization to produce a creative response and hence achieving an extraordinary business result. Throughout my career as a petroleum engineer, strategic consultant and later a senior executive in a global life insurer, I have found my passion as a facilitator in change and transformational works. Through my engagements in organizational change and leadership facilitations, I came across many organizations that were stuck in their growth potential. I often witnessed how leaders that once brought success to their organizations had become liabilities for their expansions. It was obvious that a disempowering mindset and noncontinuous learning have become the most obstacles for leaders to create new possibilities for change. Starting in the early 2000s, I delved deeper into my own understanding about what made a human being outstanding and what could be the game changer for an organization to sustain its growth even more. I begun to learn and understand different aspects of approaches that have allowed me to deliver fantastic facilitations with more impactful results. My approach in transformational facilitation stems from understanding how the energy of a leader stuck, discover their inner challenges, build a new neuropathway to make leaders respond from their wisdom, spark their creative mind, and make them committed to take new actions. By applying various approaches ranging from NLP, psychocybernetic, metaphysic, gestalt therapy, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, ontology coaching and hundreds of resources from the world's best guru, I have been able to co-create my own unique signature in many facilitation works. The feedback from my clients have been consistent around my ability to create a safe space of learning, Inspiring sessions in shifting mindset, and down–to–earth facilitation process. Through executive coaching, leadership development and organization transformation, I have been fortunate to witnessing many happy endings of life, career and organization change that in the leaders' mind was impossible before. I feel very grateful to live here in Singapore with my wife and four children. They are my energy and source of my inspirations. I enjoy morning practice of meditation, ChiLei and jogging. I like to watch the beauty of nature, listening to gamelan and classical music, traveling with my family, cooking, group cycling, and reading biography/history. If you believe that a leader could make a difference to many and you would like to find out how we could do it together, let us have the conversation. email: leksanath@hotmail.com whatsapp: +62.81212557296

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