One of the most common question I come across during a facilitation in my class or from my coachee is how to be a happy person? 

This question might appear in many forms. This question has been fuelling trillion dollar industry ranging from self helps to all kind of escapade offers. 

I would like to invite you to just pause for five minutes and read this sharing. They are distilled from many learning sources including my own reflections.

To be a happy person is a choice. The power of choice lies inside us. We are born in different kinds of situations. We have grown up in different circumstances. Each of us carries a baggage of our own past. We are not free from separation, loss, illness, or any form of what we call sufferings. 

These eight wisdoms can be your path-light for living happier life: 

1. Everything happens for a reason. In this pandemic many people loss jobs or suffer from deflated income. This is not good. Dwelling on feeling of loss due to this situation is even worse. When we can accept the reality, we start seeing and moving on with new possibilities. This is a positive attitude. 

2. Human being cannot live in isolation. We are working, have a family and living with neighbours. Not everyone we meet is always kind and please us. We may get hurt by what others have said or done. There are things we just simply need to forget or forgive. So we do not carry heavy burden of grudge or hatred to someone.

3. Our spontaneous reactions to any threat can be: flight, freeze or fight. These are our way of survival since our evolution as human being. When we do not train our amygdala response, we are fallen to victim, blame or avoidance. Let us embrace worry as an indicator and reflection what we need to anticipate and manage better. Have faith that winter will turn to spring and summer. 

4. Lead a simple life. We need three meals a day, a bed to sleep, home to rest and a partner to share our heart. When we appreciate what we have, such as simple as, our health, breathing fresh air, enjoy our food, have people to talk with or perhaps listening to the sounds of rustling leaves. That is good enough to appreciate the beauty of nature and life. 

5. The most precious treasure we have is our health. Health can be very expensive, if we do not not keep it. Exercise routinely. Drink plenty of water. Eat nutritious food and less junk food. Rest enough to rejuvenate your vitality. Learn when you need to pause to take a deep breath while you work. 

6. When we live not for ourselves but also for others we will have stronger spirit and energy. Many times for those who pursue power, wealth and comfort for themselves end in misery. For those who have rooted noble purpose: to give to others, will find a way to live a better life, and therefore be happier. 

7. When we give and expect nothing in return we just simply be the giver and abundance will follow us. This is law of nature. The relationship does not work in a straightforward time line. The universe has its own unique way to fulfil this law. Dont expect more, expect less and you will not be disappointed. 

8. Many of us can be narrow sighted and cannot see what is beyond horizon. When we only use logic and what can be seen or heard by our five sense then we might loss our intuition, insight and imagination. Our ability to sense what is beyond our logic and five sense is a vital source for our growth. Meditate and reflect routinely so that our consciousness could expand and heighten.




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