People want to be heard, they want to be seen, and recognised.
When a leader truly listens to the person he speaks, the person will feel validated, respected, included, and seen.

Speed and time constrain often become an excuse for a leader who does not ‘listen’ to his/her people. In corporate world many subordinates have something to say. They need be heard, to be understood and acknowledged.

That is why they sometimes they post their grudge on social media as a compensation for not being listened to.

When a leader, truly listens, not waiting for the turn to speak, and not prepping any answer, just being present, looking the other person in the eye, opening up himself for them, he is actually giving them consent to be themselves. He creates a safe space where they can voice what they need to voice.

Listening opens up creativity in the person being listened to, for once they are heard and not judged. When a leader in silent and listen with presence, the more the trust and the creativity will grow.


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