Leksana TH (www.sscleadership.com)
Singapore and Jakarta

Bio: I believe that an organisation does not change until its leaders do. My approach in facilitating an organization to change is to bring lightness and self-awareness into the learning space of leaders. As a coach, I blend the mind, heart and body wisdom to support clients and invoke the alignment of their mindset and behavior. My caring and deep passion in facilitation creates a safe learning environment that builds trust, openness and promotes insights. After leading a global life agency operation, I found my purpose to be the 'light for others'. Fulfilling this purpose, I started my personal growth journey. It has been opening my eyes for my world views. I treasure the process of relearning, practicing and contributing to leaders in serving their purposes for the greater good of the world. My facilitation are mainly in the area of top team alignment, organisation transformation, culture change, leadership development, capability building, talent solution and performance management. I am a certified professional coach by ICF, NCC Newfield Network Coach and CTT accredited Consultant of Barrett Values Center. My coaching specialties are: leadership in crisis, leadership succession, leadership capabilities, and C1 team coaching. In 2001 I established SSC, a consulting and facilitator for Organisation Effectiveness and Leadership Transformation. email: leksanath@hotmail.com Skype: leksana.th

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